Thursday, November 19, 2009

Genealogy Blog to Host "Dear Coach" Q and A

On Friday, November 20th Lois Herr, author of "Dear Coach: Letters Home from WWII" will be stopping by Genealogy Blog. The readers of the blog were asked to submit their questions and, in essence, interview the author.

Here's a quick teaser of one of the questions, but remember, there's more to come!

Why do you think the athletes had such a strong relationship with your father?

Dad cared about building character, and that meant he tried to build a personal relationship with each of his players. Many of the athletes were first generation college students and many had not played organized sports in high school, so the experiences they had in many cases tied them more to my father than to their own. I was told by several that Dad was the reason they were in college - he recruited them and/or helped them get the financial support they needed. They told me he was always there for them and that they could talk with him about anything.

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